These usually have to do with a sprained ankle, a tennis elbow or a postoperative meniscus. The complaints started suddenly and recently. There is some local tissue damage, which means that something has been ‘broken’ as a consequence of too strong traction or compression forces.

We naturally apply the EBM guidelines (Evidence Based Medicine), which give the best guarantee for the rehabilitation. But, and here it comes: you are at the practice only for a short time. During the rest of the time you are at home or at work. And you still want to keep moving about, practise some hobbies or sports...

It is a question, especially during that time, to protect the damaged tissue and move in such a way that there will be no further damage and even better, that the natural recovery will get a chance.

We cannot do that for you, but we can put you back on the right track by giving clear instructions about how to move in a safe way, what you can or cannot do, possibly providing you with some protective material, and most of all with follow up and support. We have developed a follow up system for helping you via email and Skype, by which we can see how you apply things in your home situation. So, you are spared unnecessary travel and it is easier to work on your rehabilitation every day.

If these acute complaints, next to tissue damage, also hold a component of persistent involuntary muscle spasms with typical trigger points, then the approach includes the  myofascial pain therapy  developed an used by Dr.Travell/Simons. See for more information under ‘regional’ in another part of the site: